Alamo Ghosts

    Alamo Ghosts
    Alamo Ghosts
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    Alamo Ghosts

     Step back in time and imagine what it must have been like to have been a participant in the 13-day siege that ended in a bloody battle on March 6, 836, which left nearly 2,000 men dead. Memories of the struggle for Texas freedom are found throughout the remaining structures and surrounding area. Men from both sides were willing to die for a cause in which they believed. The horror of the final moments when men were fighting for their lives in hand-to-hand combat is etched in the landscape. The blood of brave soldier was spilled on the very ground where visitors from around the world come to pay homage. Ghostly manifestation and paranormal sightings have occurred within the battlefield area and on the Alamo grounds over the past 160 years. The intense moments of the final siege are etched in time, repeating themselves for those fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. The Alamo appears to represent a door to another dimension, where explainable events continue to occur. Read about how the destruction of the chapel and Long Barracks was prevented when Mexican soldiers were confronted by apparitions holding swords of fire; Alamo employees who repeatedly hear woman sobbing int the basement; A ranger who watched in horror as a defender was repeatedly stabbed by Mexican soldiers' and then vanished' A psychic's impressions of paranormal activitiay at the Alamo an why its ghosts remain... and much more!

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